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About GVT

For centuries the beauty and diversity of natural stone has lured the world.  Thanks to advances in Engineering and Technology, this eternal beauty of Mother Nature has now been captured on Marbonite GVT tiles.  Glazed Vitrified Tiles or in short GVT, combines the strength of vitrified tiles with the flexibility and aesthetics that glazed products have to offer.

Marbonite GVT comes in breathtaking colors and diverse textural effects that were earlier impossible to achieve. The collection consists of products with textured (Antislip),  metallic (Metallium), and polished mirror-like(Microcrystal) finishes.  Marbonite GVT has truly broken all the barriers and taken the elegance of vitrified tiles to a new level altogether.

Now go ahead… Explore the stunning series of Marbonite GVT and find the one that matches your individual style. Suitable for walls and floor as well, Marbonite GVT tiles are  sure to add unusual warmth and life to your interiors.

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